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Introduction to Mindfulness

6-Week Series for Adults

In recent years there have been several studies that have shown a wide range of benefits from the practice of mindfulness, a few among them being -

·       Increased ability to cope with and manage everyday stress

·       Better sleep

·       Decrease in chronic pain, hypertension, anxiety and depression

·       Increased concentration, creativity and memory

·       Increased self-awareness, empathy, compassion and happiness

In these classes, we learn to bring a calm, attentive and loving presence to our breath, bodily sensations, our five senses, our thoughts and emotional states. We learn awareness skills that can be practiced at home and in our everyday lives as we move through our days. The sessions include guided meditations and reflections on lovingkindness, self-acceptance, self compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.


As we cultivate and deepen our mindfulness practice, we will find that we can open our hearts to more of life and experience an increased sense of joy and well-being in our days.

Introduction to Mindfulness: Testimonial
Clifftop Yoga

"One hand on the beauty of the world,

One hand on the suffering of all beings,

And two feet grounded in the present moment."

                                                            ~Tibetan Poet

This class helped me become more reflective as a parent when conflict arises. I have learned some wonderful meditations and tools for connecting with my kids. I loved the guided meditations the most! Gayathri’s warmth, insight, openness (willing to be vulnerable) and inclusiveness provided us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect, learn and grow.

Elana M.

I immediately applied what I learned at home and it works! I think I have started to build new skills and I love it!

Maria A.

As a result of taking this class, I am more aware of how a situation is evolving in the moment and how to “direct” that evolution in a more mindful way. I really appreciated the individual attention and willingness to discuss specific issues/problems in an open and helpful space.

Heather S.

I have a much greater sense of mindfulness after having taken this class. I’ve taken quite a few meditation/mindfulness classes and maybe I need a lot of repetition to internalize this, but I think it’s really due to Gayathri’s skill, vision and warmth.

Melanie L.

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