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Mindfulness Meditation Groups

Myndtree offers drop-in Mindfulness Meditation sessions via Zoom and in person. These sessions offer a space for participants to pause, meditate, reflect and share. We use the time to meditate, explore mindfulness and compassion practices, and reflect on a different theme to bring clarity to and freedom from some everyday challenges we face in our lives.

Yoga at Home

Drop-in Sessions

Meditation Class

Introduction to Mindfulness

6-Week Series for Adults

Over a period of six weeks, participants in this series will be introduced to the powerful and beneficial practices of meditation and mindfulness in a systematic manner. At the end of the six-weeks, participants will not only have learned the skills, but will also be offered tips and tools to establish a regular practice, one that will enrich their lives in the years to come.

Children Meditating

Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers

6-Session Series

This series is designed to make mindfulness and meditation accessible to middle schoolers. We use movement, group activities, games, guided meditations and discussion to bring the concepts and practices to life for our participants.

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Mindful Parenting

6-8 Week Series for Parents

In this series, parents are introduced to the practices of mindfulness, meditation, nonviolent communication and empathy. These practices help parents bring a level of conscious awareness into their interactions with their children, and transform their relationships from one of stress, control, manipulation and conflict to one of ease, understanding, connection and love.

Stones of Meaning

Private Mentoring

For Personal Healing and Growth

In these sessions, Gayathri weaves her intuition, spiritual insights and knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, nonviolent communication (NVC), breath and movement to help her clients gain freedom from aspects of themselves that are keeping them from living a fuller, more joyful and authentic life.


Contemplative Study

Ātmopadeśa Śatakam & Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Gayathri leads weekly contemplative study groups on the Ātmopadeśa Śatakam and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. The groups spend the first half hour of the session in a guided meditation followed by a reading and discussion of the texts. The discussions are lively, thoughtful and insightful and make these ancient teachings relevant to our everyday lives. Regular participants have found these sessions to be deeply transformative. Sessions are free and new participants are welcome!

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