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Private Mentoring Sessions: Testimonial

Private Mentoring Sessions

In these one-on-one sessions, Gayathri uses her intuition and skills to customize mindfulness, nonviolent communication (NVC), breathing and movement practices to serve your individual needs. Whether it is to learn meditation and mindfulness, or to unhook from habits that aren't serving you well, or to cultivate new habits of mind that can help bring clarity and wisdom to your relationships, Gayathri serves as a sounding board and guide to help you ease some of the challenges you face. 

Although these are not "therapy" sessions, practices such as meditation, self-compassion, self-acceptance, forgiveness and lovingkindness have the power to heal, transform and bring greater freedom and well-being to your daily life. 

Some areas where these individual sessions can be helpful include -

    - Learn meditation and mindfulness

    - Learn to cultivate authentic self-compassion and self-acceptance

    - Reduce anxiety and depression

    - Break free from negative thought patterns and habits

    - Reduce stress and bring more calm, joy and ease into your life

    - Transform your parenting challenges to parenting successes

These sessions are typically 60 minutes long and offered remotely via Skype or Zoom. Gayathri works with both adults and teens.


Fees: Sliding scale from $95 to $120 per hour.

Image by Annie Spratt

"It is true that we are called to create a better world. But we are first of all called to a more immediate and exalted task: that of creating our own lives."                                                               ~Thomas Merton

I am new to mindfulness and even though I have always believed in the benefits of this practice, I have felt intimidated by the discipline and thus reluctant to take on a serious approach.

Gayathri has helped me overcome my hesitations. We met for a few private sessions where she coached me in the basic practices of mindfulness. Her approach is personal, kind, compassionate and, most importantly, joyful. She is very organized and after every session, she follows up via email with clear instructions for that week’s practice.

While certainly prepared and very professional, Gayathri also conveys a sense of lightness in her teaching which has been instrumental for me in opening up my heart and mind to the practice. Thank you, Gayathri.

This past year, when I spent some time in the Bay year, I was fortunate to get one-on-one sessions with Gayathri. Although I had known the concept of mindfulness, I had struggled putting it into my daily practice. Through her gentle guidance and exploring with me normal events in my day, she showed me an alternate way to experience all that life was bringing my way. 

The importance of pausing, of staying with an emotion, with one's breath and most importantly being gentle with one's self. 


This practice, initiated with her, has brought about in me, a stillness, which is noticed by my teenage son - and where I used to chase him before for crumbs of connection, he now seeks me out. In being gentle with myself, my sense of self-worth has revived immensely and this it appears, is being noticed in my work as a doctor and healer - made clear by my small but steadily growing practice.


My journey is young, but thanks to Gayathri and her methods, I feel that I can sustain a healthy dose of mindfulness in my day.

Lorenza M.

Rachna K.

Gayathri has the gift of total acceptance. This gift makes one feel the ability to completely open up in her presence and uncover the sources of pain that cause stress while at the same time journey into peaceful meditation. Her guidance is so compassionate, you end the session feeling like you just hugged a real live teddy bear and you walk away with a full heart. I highly recommend Gayathri's mindfulness groups.

Gayathri embodies a wisdom of the ages and is a true gift to our community! Gayathri's ability to stay rooted in the depths of truth even in the midst of churning on the surface of life is a rare and precious quality.


I have had the good fortune on many occasions, to turn to Gayathri for counsel and support and I have benefitted greatly! I have also recommended Gayathri's services to family, friends and clients and the feedback has been nothing short of glowing.

Ani G.

Sharon P.

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